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Gallery's permanent collection is on display in rotation. The works in this collection are created by some of the most reputable and influential watercolourists in the world today, including Alvaro Castagnet, Xidan Chen, Dean Mitchell, Guan Weixin, Liu Yi, Ross Paterson, David Poxon, Charles Reid, John Salminen, Nicholas Simmons, Brian Stratton, David Taylor, Robert Wade, John Yardley, Joseph Zbukvic, and many more!

21st April 2018 - 20th May 2018
Herman Pekel Solo Show

Herman will attend the opening on 21st April

15th September - 29th September 2017

Beauty Lies Here - Xidan Chen Watercolour Journey - Shanghai Stop

Xidan will attend the opening on 15th September 

1st July 2017
Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong Watercolour Touring Exhibition

Initiated and organized by our gallery, a major event featuring the best watercolour works by artists reside in these three metropolis

8th April - 7th May 2017

Prafull Sawant Solo Show

Prafull will attend the opening on 8th April

Evening at Vatican city, Rome, Italy 
100 x 73 cm

Spiritual Dawn, Nasik, India 
122 x 91 cm

18th September - 17th October 2016

Alvaro Castagnet - The Passionate Painter Masterworks

Alvaro will attend the opening on 18th September

Everyday Paris
102 x 66 cm

The Red Pearl
56 x 76 cm

15th April - 15th May 2016

Beni Gassenbauer (Israel)

35 recent works on display
Beni will attend the opening on 15th April

Ein Kerem
76 x 56 cm

56 x 76 cm

25th April - 30th May 2015

Joseph Zbukvic 

47 recent works on display

Joseph will attend the opening on 25th April, and give demonstrations on 26th April. Please contact us for more details.

Rush Hour, New York
62 x 80 cm

1st April - 5th May 2014:

Across The Water: 
Modern Masters of Watercolour

Then traveling to:
June 2014 - Shenzhen Museum of Fine Arts, Shenzhen
February 2015 - Juniper Hall, Paddington, Sydney

International Watercolour Masters' Exhibitions 2014 Series:

10th September - 9th October 2014

Ross Paterson - 
Rural and Urban Landscapes

International Masters Small Paintings Exhibition:

1st October - 31st December 2013

Tube in a Wall
David Poxon

Late Gathering, Venice
David Taylor

The Grand Place, Brussels
John Yardley

Lunchtime, Vienna
Joseph Zbukvic

International Watercolour Masters' Exhibitions 
2013 Series:

15th April - 15th May 2013

Ong Kim Seng Solo Show

36 cm x 56 cm

25th May - 25th June 2013

David Taylor Solo Show - Journey in Watercolour with David Taylor

Marking Time, Breamlea, Australia 
73 cm x 53 cm 

All is Quiet, St Aubins Harbour, Channel Islands 

53 cm x 73 cm 

2nd Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial Exhibition 
28th November - 31st December 2012
Then travelling to: 
CWI Children's Palace Shanghai     19th - 27th January 2013
Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai      7th - 17th February 2013
For more information, please visit the biennial website.

International Watercolour Masters' Exhibitions
2012 Series:
1st June - 30th June    
Joseph Zbukvic Solo Show
Heading Out, Melbourne, Australia 
64 cm x 97 cm
The Lily Pond, Dordogne, France
64 cm x 97 cm
1st July  - 31st July     
Janine Gallizia Solo Show - 'Light & Atmosphere'
Palace of the Griffons, Italy
86 cm x 87 cm
62 cm x 48 cm
International Watercolour Masters' Exhibitions
2011 Series:
16th August - 15th September 2011
Brian Stratton Solo Show - 'Sand, Sticks and Stone'   
                                   Fleurieu Rocks and Sand
                                          55 cm x 74 cm
                                    Shoalhaven Driftwood
                                          55 cm x 74 cm
       16th September - 15th October 2011  
       Alvaro Castagnet Solo Show - 'My Visions'
Red Lights 
104 cm x 67 cm
                              Rainy Day Downtown Shanghai
 102 cm x 67 cm
16th October - 15th November 2011
John Yardley Solo Show  -  'Sunlight and Shadows'
                                   Queue for the Vaporetto
                                        35.6 cm x 50.8 cm
                                     Waterfront Le Ciotat
                                       35.6 cm x 50.8 cm